Saturday, August 28, 2010

Koch bothers bus the mindless

Koch brothers bus the mindless to see the recovering drunk with a god complex. Some people think they are always right when they are self-righteous. He is sober and now he thinks he’s god. Rush looks at himself that same way. Fox’s Glenn Beck takes his time on TV and radio to be more then entertainment. It’s to bad the people watching don’t understand that it’s only entertainment and not real news. He has a following but not a large amount of people compared to the rest of the country. Palin only has a 2% following compared to the rest of the country. It’s to bad the constitution let Beck insight people to revolt. We even have to tolerate the Nationalist Socialist Party too. They have a right to speak out. What does restoring honor mean, is that going back to the way the rest of the world sees us back in the Bush days? What gets me is the people are saying they are all about the constitution but they don’t even know what it’s all about. If you think by removing taxes a idea from the Koch brothers along with a few other wild ideas. Who is going to make the roads you drive on. What about schools? They could do away with the corporate welfare for corporate farms. Give the family own farms a break. It’s always the monopolies like the Koch brother who want it bother ways. They want to get government handouts but don’t want to pay taxes even making a 100 billion a year. They get enough breaks as it is and they are helping out the tea baggers with there talking points even if they don’t understand them. I like the one old tea bagger who wants to keep government out of his Medicare. The media like to get the most radical statements from the tea baggers. They never explain what they are saying is a load of crap. Beck doesn’t know what honor is or he would be pulling this crap. Maybe it’s way of getting into politics. He might get a following where they might vote for him in some state where the losers are that shoot them self in the foot listening to the lies and believing them. Ever since the unions have gone away wages have gone down and the sick thing about it is the republicans tell there votes it will be better without unions because they are sucking up all the state funds. It also set the rate of the rest of everyone’s wages too. When I hear all these mouth like Beck it just amazes me. Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid.
Image: Glenn Beck  Heal Beck

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