Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What you write to much? What kind of crap is that?

Seems to blog you can’t type unlike other blogger sites that let you write as much as you want. Don’t leave big comments, is that for the simple minded with A.D.D. and they loose track of simple conversations. What is this for idiots or what? Haven’t you ever read a book before? How do you think those ideas get stuck together? My blog is my life, really my life, what I’m doing, what I’m seeing and how I react to it. I live out in the sticks, I mean I don’t talk to people for weeks or months at a time. I’m closer to the wildlife which I’m doing research on and documenting. To make simple shallow comments on the encounters with things like bears, mountain lions, Kit fox, raccoons or deer, my herd of 24, and my pet skunks. Sorry Stan Lee died this year by a pit bull.

Hey, something interesting for you simpletons that need TV. PBS has a show on Hubble Deep Space Telescope and the repairs. know why they needed to repair the tele? It was a spy sat that was made to look at the ground and optics needed to be changed. You know where it’s looking and getting all those cool shots of galaxies? Well that’s like holding a grain of rice at arms length and looking out past that 14 billion light years. The spy sat it was designed from is still in service looking downward with a 3 inch resolution. I’ve seen a document with the date of a dime clearly readable.

Never stop learning so you can write your own software and not take any blowback, write less, gee’s, mindless.

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