Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Shocking Spine

The doctor came into the room with his PA whom asked me a ton of question. I really didn’t want to be talking with him since I’d have to repeat myself talking with the surgeon. After a long drive I wasn’t up to be making small talk and wanted to get into the mead and bones of the matter. With my MRI’s and now this full spine scan. I was impressed at the scanner and how it worked. I was impressed at the scan but more shocked where I just wanted to look at the film and stair at it, because it was so shocking to look at every bone closely to see how the bones are moving. See if any bones

Positive View


Negative view, Was wanting to see it both ways to see the most detail. The machine that scanned me was amazing, It’s got a three axis head. Some are computer controlled axis. Set the bard door to set the angle of x-rays that are going to come out, they have a modeling light to see where your going to scan, a sort of test run of viewing. Amazing that I’m still standing and walking although not that good. The program that puts the film together put a special format film with a jpg2000 format. All the data of the doctor and me are on each segment. Has everything on the header of the picture. Everyone that was involved in some way.The software puts 5 segments together into one picture. I’m still is shock, seeing how bad my spine is right now today. I’ve had some other shots done with a fluoroscope. I’ve seen the big pictures on the monitor which is the same thing I get in a small thermal print. You get the same data just smaller. Still I can clearly see that my spine has gotten worse since the last time I had a cortisone shot back in April. They were still in somewhat of a line although bent a little but not drastically out of line like it is here.

Surgery: February 2 and 4 are the dates set so far, no times have been given to me yet. Have two CT scans  to go through coming up. Have another set of x-rays to be taken, think I can do those up here. That drive really beat me up. By the time I got home I was tired, I was tired while I was still at the doctors office. I left there some time after 4PM. Now for a 50 mile drive home. I was hungry and hadn’t had anything all day except coffee and a soda.

You call that a spine?

It’s amazing that the vertebrae are moving so far from each other. Soon some will be wandering around. I’m worried that some movement on my part will pinch more nerves making things worse then what it is now. Every time I make minor movement, lift my arms I hear pops and crack from my back. It was where I had something like that happen maybe once I several month. Now it’s happening several times a minute. I try not moving, get well seated so I don’t have to move but when I say moving it might be lifting a finder, tilting my head, lifting a leg in hopes that I could lessen the pain there. I’ve been having these surges of pain where it starts in the hip area and knee area and the pain keeps getting greater and greater until I’m jumping up trying anything to reduce the pain. Getting down to the floor laying on my side works the best. If I can get a pillow between my knees that would be good. It’s just such a overwhelming pain you almost can’t breath. Well been waiting this long a few more month till February. That will give me some time to get things arranged here and with the county to get someone to help me out. I take it that I’m not going to be in the best of shape worse then the first two surgeries I had. I’ll be in the hospital for a week. I’m hoping that the cortisone shot next week will help out. Have prednisone pills to take for 5 days.

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