Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We are going to cut taxes and cut spending and save tax payers money

Boehner and his oxymoron statements. You going to cut taxes which is going to cost 7 trillion by the time it’s over. Remember this was a tax cut or a giveaway to the rich tax payer like hedge fund managers and banker and stock brokers all the people that caused the economic melt down. They will not be getting a $250 dollar check like you did, no, they are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars. The middle class has already been getting a tax cut that there pay check. Can’t see it because it’s minor. This new tax cut will be real minor to you unless your rich the other end of the scale where the rich will get more then you make the whole year, maybe even your whole life. How can you want this in principle. I know the republican will do it because they don’t care about our country but themselves. They would take Uncle Sam’s last dollar and smile while they are doing that. Boehner is already getting a pay raise for becoming speaker. I sure wish I could get an extra $30,000 a year but people on social security don’t even get a cost of living in crease. They say there’s no inflation which the gauge cost of living. You know the rich won’t be spending any of that money because they have everything they already want. We could pay no taxes and we still would never get to a point where we didn’t need anything like where the rich are. Your still going to be at that point, “I’ll get it next month when I have a little extra cash,” you say each month.

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