Monday, October 04, 2010

I’m not beleaguered

The news media makes out like the republicans are going to win every seat in congress and the senate. They start out,  “The beleaguered democrats,” that’s like those looser will never win anything, I’m a unbiased news person blowing hot air too, not reporting the news but my ideas of what might happen. That’s right I’m a news fortune teller, I tell what’s going to happen in the future. I’m right about one percent of the time so I’m not quitting my day job just yet, my ego won’t let me and this thing is a sure thing. You’d think I’d be dealing in the stock market but that’s too unstable right now.

It just gets me the way the news predicts the future instead of telling the facts. A pole isn’t facts it’s a guess based on math. Watching Katie Couric read the teleprompter being so serious, like she knows what she’s saying. Folks, she’s just reading what’s put in front of her. Only thing Katie has going for her is that smile and that’s getting kind of old. When I saw Katie next to another woman I was so impressed at the other woman and felt sorry for Katie because she looked rather homely next to this other woman of the same age. Back to the news readers, that’s all they do, no reporting, no leg work, no writing of copy, just read copy.

What I don’t like about this predicting of the news, that it could change a persons views if you keep telling them that this one group is going to win and play these odd balls screaming at what’s wrong and how they would fix it no matter how misguided it sounds.

I still like the old retired man yelling at the camera that the government has taken over Medicare. Doesn’t this guy look at the checks from social security where they come from or the letters he gets in the mail who is paying the bills. Why does the media get the oddest people with veins popping out their neck to be on camera. They always seem to get the fringe element.

The news is talking about the terrorist threat and after saying the threat they tell people not to let this crimp your travel plans. Just when your in a train station, don’t stand so close to me.

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