Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Don't you wish Windows XP worked every time.

Still dealing with the Win32 error problem. So nice looking up on Microsoft's search engine and find out you have to buy a product not made by Microsoft to fix the problem. Be nice if XP worked without giving you an error message and tells you to restart the machine. Be even nicer if it would tell you what is going wrong. So I have a Win32 error and part of the problem is the SVCHOST.EXE problem. I know I can't get online to send the an error report because it says my modem is already being used. I downloaded the patch from Microsoft which is suppose to fix the problem but after restarting the machine for over an hour it finally works. What a great product. This first started after updating to Internet Explorer 7.0 and after that the rest is history, the Win32 error. I've been putting my computer into hibernate rather then turning it off so I won't have to deal with this problem since Microsoft hasn't figured it out yet. Looking up the problem on MSN's web site they have page after page of fixes and reasons for the error. I've noticed that Apple has a page for this problem for the people running Windows on their Apples. Nice to hear that Windows runs faster on a Mac also. Now Microsoft has come out with a new operating system, full of problems. People are buying new computers and taking off the new operating system. I just love getting something that doesn't work out of the box and where you need to spend days installing patches to fix the broken product.

Top it off, Microsoft has geared up with Ford to have crap in cars. I'm wondering how many updates and patches your going to need before it works. How many versions of the same product are you going to have to install.

I've been trying to install Windows Live for the past 9 hours. The program just stops. It thinks it working but then after stopping the program it comes up with the error, "Program stopped responding." Don't give up you just need to strat it over and over until it goes all in.

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