Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frosty wet morning

It looked like the little birds could use some seeds. So I slipped on my fuzzy slipper and ventured out with a pound of seeds in a coffee can. I could see why the birds were having a hard time finding something to eat, the ground is covered with frost along with being wet from the rain from that past couple days. Still the birds need energy so they are out every day no matter what the weathers like. Rays of sun light is coming through the trees. Where it hits the cold frozen ground it's turning into a fog and steaming off. The sun on the wet leaves looks like a icy reflective surface. Still in the shade the ice crystals sparkle as I move by and the light refracts of them.

The hummingbird is getting breakfast and I think I need to fill the feeder up for the little bird. Some times when I'm outside the humming bird will fly right up to my face to check me out. See who is the nice guy putting food out for them. As soon as my eyes focus on how close the bird is to my face they fly away.

The little Oregon Junco's are back zipping around eating seeds. Suddenly they fly into the trees and shrubs as if danger was around. A silence is in my forest but soon broken and the birds are flying once again.

Yes it's a cold fall morning in paradise. Time to enjoy life with a cup of French Roast coffee and be amazed at the forest as it comes alive.

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