Thursday, December 20, 2007

George W. Bush, "Milk Toast of the Year"

Toast of the Year and George won again. Listening to the press conference I was wondering why the reported don't ask and good question. I forgot, these press conferences are scripted and Bush knows the questions before he starts. Bush needs a writer to talk and they are out of strike. Shooting from the hip Bush sounds like a country bumpkin that's drunk. After being a drunk for so many years he's still coming out of that wet brain state. His disjointed statement are examples that a substandard student can grow up to be president as long as you have a big business force behind him. Use Daddy's friends because when you were drunk you alienated all the people you once knew.

What I don't understand is why impeachment proceedings haven't started yet. If any people needed to be removed from office it's Bush and Chaney. With the lies told in the lead up to the Iraq ear, people, mostly shallow minded Evangelicals believe Bush has found WMD in Iraq. They also believe from all the lies that Al Quieda was involved in Iraq.

Why don't the reported ask Bush why he invaded Iraq. Why does he keep pushing the privatizing of the Iraqi oil fields. When does he project when the troops will be coming home, like in what day or year. That crap he give, "We will stand down when the Iraqis stand up. There are more mercenaries in Iraq then there are standard troop shooting up the place. So as I count there's over 500,000 troops able to fight there while the freedom fighters and people the they tortured are still fighting. The one independent poll on how many Iraqis have died since the start of the war is over 600,000. No mention on how many women barring unborn children have died but that doesn't matter because they didn't have an abortion but a bomb that killed them so that's okay.

He gave his "The economy is just fine" quote. What planet does he live on. Well the economy is going good for the real rich and the government is bailing out the investors of the sub prime mess. Funny how the rich never loss because they are connected and people pull strings for them. Mean while people can't go into bankruptcy because of the new laws. Even if you loose you house you still have to pay off that investor so he won't loose.

Bush was asked about the destruction of the torture tapes, (which America doesn't do.) He's claiming ignorance on this one which isn't so hard for him, or until they all get the story straight. It's not a couple tapes like I first thought but 200 to 300 hours of tapes. That's a truck load of tapes. Maybe that's what was burning in Chaney's office yesterday along with all the other secret papers that if gotten out would make this administration look worse then they already do.

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