Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More theatrics

Jerkoff (the homeless looking guy) says he's going to protect chemical plants but weakens states laws in protecting chemical plants. This is something that has been being pushed by lawmakers but the chemical industry has been fighting and new laws and regulations. So what does that mean, same old same old nothing is getting done just theatrics like they are doing something when nothing is getting done.
Bush had a speech today of high theatrics using the same old rhetoric, the terrorist will follow us home. Maybe if he would take the border security and port security more serious we would be safer. The idea that he needs this money right now so Halliburton and Blackwater could get paid is more like what the supplements about and not money for the troops. After all Bush just cut $5 billion from the VA's budget this year and democrates added $2 billion to help out the VA but he wants that money striped out of the supplement. He doesn't care about the troops but the contractor friends of his making tons of money. When I was the republicans passing this same bill last year it didn't show up until July. Then all the earmarks were overlooked because it was republican earmarks.
If anyone needs to get an award for theatrics it's Bush and Chaney for the lead up to the war. Question, does Bush eat Rice? or Does Rice eat Bush?

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