Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Harms way?

If I'm not right but wasn't Bush's idea to go to war and put "Troops in Harms way." Now that congress wants to attach a few items to a supplemental funding bill Bush is going crazier then he is already was.

It's funny to listen to the drunks at a bar solving the problems of the world. They even get into fight over the ways they would solve the problems but when they are sober they wonder, "What was I thinking."

Most everyone now is getting the idea that Bush and his buddies got us in the war for oil and to do a perverted religious thing for the religious right thinking that by going to war they would all be saved in the rapture or to make a 1000 years of peace like it talks about in the bible. Who knew what they were thinking but it wasn't sober thoughts. Must have been drinking too much holly water or something.

What most people didn't hear last week was that the UK was handing out schedules to there troops and when they will be deployed. It goes through the years from now to 2012.

Am I the only one that picks this stuff up and has a memory longer then my little finger. For the most part there's a lot of apathy here and that really needs to change.

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