Friday, April 27, 2007

No money till you learn to talk first.

Congress and Senate tell Bush, No money until you learn to talk first. If you can't spit out your ieas we can't trust you to spend the money properly.

When I was in college it was pointed out to me that you talk like you read. So, listening to Bush speak disjointed is how he reads. No wonder he can't make a train of thought, there isn't enough cars lined up.

I have one question for the republicans that follow Bush down his path of destruction, "Why do you stay on the sinking ship?" Also, What thing did Bush do right? I ask that because I can't think of anything he's done that actually helps people and not helps big business and doesn't destroy the planet.

Bush's "Clean Air Program" make the air more polluted and increases global warming. It was written by the coal industry.

Bush's new EPA standards lets people put out four times more pollution before you need to tell anyone.

Bush's "Clean Forest" is a method for logging National forests. Oh, by the way, Bush owns a logging company, like he didn't know.

Every law Bush and Chaney got passed by the rubber stamp republicans does more harm then good. They started a war with no end in sight, all for oil and profit. What gets me is how fast people forget O'Neil's or Clarke's books on how Bush and Chaney wanted to invade Iraq from the first day in office. I'd go as far as saying they planned this war since the last Bush was in office.

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