Friday, January 15, 2010

My Computer is running slow

I bought this Sony computer with XP installed. It ran great but had one problem which I contacted Sony about and the wrote an update to the BIOS so the hard drive wouldn’t turn off because of heating. They set the temp too low and one degree C made a difference when I was running test here and told them about the problem. Then Microsoft had it’s patches, updates, and service packs which made my computer so slow.

I’ve been testing out Linux operating systems from everyone. What’s good about Linux? It’s small, it works, it doesn’t crash, it’s so stable, it’s free. Even the applications are free. There’s a program with a list of programs and if you want to install one you click a box and tell it to apply. It installs the program and it runs. No problem. I here the new Apple Mac operating system is based on Linux. Don’t know if they just are using the kernel or what but if you know Mac’s, turn them on and they work. Same with Linux, turn it on and it’s working. What gets me is this computer is 4 times faster then this other computer with Novell’s openSuSE DVD that I installed but it runs circles around this computer which used to run great when I first bought it. It’s all those fixes from Microsoft instead of replacing the system parts that are bad, deleting them, not putting them in a folder somewhere so you can reinstall the program that you just removed or updated. You can go back to the old way things were working, that is if they were working. They wouldn’t have made a patch if it was working.

What gets me about open source programming is everyone knows how it runs but it’s safer then Microsoft. Microsoft still isn’t going to let anyone know how the system works. They let you build programs with there software which puts it into there way of doing things.

Watching Microsoft grow over the years by taking over the competition when they could make something as good. Then they would shut them down maybe use the technology or not.

Now all there software I noticed I’ve been installing from Microsoft asks if you would take part in making the program better. I’ve been sending in crap every time my programs crash but never here anything back. I’ve started this laptop which has been in the bedroom while I’ve been using my desktop computer. Now that my desktop has some problems I went to start this laptop and get mail. I keep getting an error message. Windows Live Mail is improperly configured, reinstall program. Can’t load address book or contact list, that sounds more like it. Then Windows Live must Close. Well after deleting and installing Windows Live Mail and all the other programs it still doesn’t work.  Still the same error messages. So how are you going to fix things if it keeps telling you to do the same thing something Linux never says. Linux always works. Open Office is so much better the Microsoft Office and all the add-ons are free. Open Office does so much more the Microsoft Office and it’s free too.

Got a disk in the mail yesterday from Sun Microsystems it was open Solaris disk. One the front of the disk is says share freely. That something Microsoft wouldn’t do. I’ve called Microsoft to activate XP two or three times in a day. You can’t get updates until you activate XP. You can’t install Service Pack II or Service Pack III until you activate XP. Then there’s other bits that it wants to install soon as you activate XP before your off the phone with Microsoft. I hate that recording haven’t you tried using the internet to activate your XP? I’ve changed hard ware and had to install Windows XP many times since I put this computer together. It’s still the same basic computer except I had to reinstall XP or change hardware.

What cool about Linux, you have a problem you can talk to people that wrote the programs or that are part of the operating system group or just cool people that have like minds and like computers and thing knowledge should be shared and not sold.

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