Monday, January 18, 2010

It’s cold wet and windy out, No not going out.

A calm for a few seconds. Wind is really moving, wondering if I’m going to loose any trees or that trees might fall on the house. Well, I have my down booties on and I’m not doing anything. Getting the computer running. Installing and removing software as long as the power stays on. Have the scanner on and hear downed tree calls. New or weather said that the biggest part of the storm will be on Thursday. Need rain but don’t want it all at once like the snow storm last month. That was just too much. Liked looking at the snow for a few minutes. After that it was work to walk around. Looking at a few pictures from then I noticed that the foot print would disappear after walking a few feet from them. I couldn’t see my road, it was covered with snow and branches hanging over weighted down with snow. Thought it was a airplane flying over but it was the wind. Felt somewhat awake this morning but ready for a nap. My directional mic of the tripod blew off the porch. Tied a 7 pound sand bag to it. That will keep it here. Have the down booties on and that means no outside at all. Been cleaning up the browsers and tried to go to my web site which I haven’t worked on for a while but it looks gone now. Need to set up the back room computer and run Spinrite on the Western Digital 120 gig drive. Need to take the desktop computer apart and clean the dirt and dust out. Have a couple CD/DVD drives given to me. Going to have to test all them out and take out the ones in the desktop that are acting up. Not raining to hard right now and not to windy, think I’ll go to the cellar and get some computer books. Really scares me watching the pine trees sway in the wind. There’s a call for a power pole down. It’s on a small street so no one ran into it. All set with batteries incase the power goes out. Have a pen and note pad to write too. Mic just blew over. Hear emergence vehicle some what close. Must be the downed power pole. It’s the gusts of wind that are bad. Other then that it’s not to bad. Not to cold out but not warm by any means. Mic and tripod need to come in. Guess I’ll let this defrag and rest.

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