Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Was a nice day here in the sun. Not real hot or warm but not real cold. Worked on the garden. Lot of walking back to the house to get tools. Always forgot one tool and would have to go back for it.

As I was checking mail had two family groups of deer here about 7 or 8 in each group. They were all females with there babies. I had to get out and sit on the porch and watch them. Haven’t seen any males yet today.

The girls didn’t show up last night. I wonder if it had something to do with the earthquake. People all over said they felt it, I didn’t.

Mr. Friend and his sort of buddy Droopy just walked up. Nice seeing the deer day after day, year after year. You get to know them and their personalities. Friend will let me walk right up to him. He’s a good deer friend. Little Buddy and another young male walked up too. It’s amazing the deer are still shy after growing up here. They all seem to keep so many feet away except for Friend and some of the females.

Did some wire work and leaf raking in my garden area. Made up a gate to get into the fenced in area. Turned some dirt and was going to pull the things out but it was starting to get dark. I hear it’s going to be windy tomorrow but no rain for two days. I left the tools out so I don’t have to drag them back out. Going to get those onions and garlic in the ground soon. Got a few cuts and scraps today. Was using a clipper and pinched my skin on my thumb. It bleed real bad and all over. Have to replace the band air I put on, this ones getting funky and frayed.

One of the deer walked up onto the picnic table where the bird seed is. Amazing seeing something that big up there. He’s standing and looking out over the place. Now Friend and him are racking antlers.

I’d sure like to get this program working right. Windows Live Writer is suppose to be able to hook up with my blogs. It does it OK with my Google blog but not the Windows Live Site which it’s made for. I’ll plug in the info and it sits there. It can’t find the site I made with this same program a while back. It wants to make a new site but can’t find sites you made already.

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