Friday, January 29, 2010

Preparing to install, What

Have a new problem with the laptop, a window pos up and it’s trying to install something but what. I’ve been looking everywhere to see what things might be running. Found a lot of old files that haven’t been uses since 2002. Noticed there is a lot of programs ready to install hanging around in directories that I’ve installed before. Why the file was moved from the download directory to this other directory  and sits there taking up disk space. Noticed that the mouse was getting loaded twice. That gas to take up time. The new mouse driver is 60 plus megs before you install it. Then 20 plus after you install it. I remember when a mouse driver was about 50K and that’s all.

Been reading the big book of XP. I’ll find something that might be cool to do and it will say this is only for XP Pro. One thing I’ve noticed is that the book is written in a way that everything is working right. Sometimes you can find something and work backwards. I’ve tried installing the CD that came with the book but it doesn’t work. The install is really hidden too. Lot of links to places online. What’s funny about that instead of giving you support for XP it wants to sell you Windows 7.

Noticed that the time it took to load this program I started my Linux computer next to me. I’ve noticed with Linux there are more uses of passwords to change things. I’ve been trying to make changes to Windows Internet Explorer but it keeps telling me I’m not the administrator. It says I’m the administrator. I haven’t found any other place to find out access rights to a program.

I still haven’t figured out how to install Windows Live Mail again. I had it there and didn’t use the computer for a few month and now it doesn’t work. Installing the program comes up with the same errors. Checked the registry last night. All the mail stuff was still installed even though I uninstalled it. I tried putting in the patch to get Outlook to work with Live Mail but it’s 2002 and it works on 2003 and newer. So have to check mail with the browser. I really hate that because the screen updates and moves. 

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