Saturday, October 31, 2009

What you say, your ready to work now?

So the republican are saying they want to work on the health care bill. After all the no’s since the beginning of the year now they are trying this, lets ask if we can help now that the bill is done. It’s not like they were busy or getting paid to put this health care package together, they were there physically. Maybe with such small mind, no takes up a lot of space. Then the republicans, the ditto machines repeat talking points over and over, that the sky is falling with this bill. You will live i fear because they are republicans and they perfected the stroke. This is something they have been working on for years. When you think about it, being a slacker because your rich republican with connections. The conservative slacker mantra is no taxes for the rich. At least they come up with good bumper stickers. Who could forget, “Slackers do it with spoons.” “College, I paid someone to attend for me.” That  frees up time for the spoon. Are they the Zombie wolf?

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