Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Babbling Bush makes

Babbling Bush makes disjointed speech. “Were not winning but were not loosing” he said. Panic management is in style if you’ve ever seen a company’s leader fall apart. Bush is the Enron of Presidents and he’s going down faster then a led balloon or Perris Hilton. Bush is so worried about what history is going to say about him that it’s eating him alive. He may joke and say it doesn’t bother him. That all his stubborn ideas are dragging the country down. After 9/11 the world was with us but today most of the world hates us. He should have paid more attention when he was in college he would be such a boob now. There’s no one in the world that can bail him out or stop the hate. If no one has noticed he dropped a lot of catch phrases. He doesn’t say “God Bless America” anymore; in fact he doesn’t mention “God” at all these days.

This goes to show everyone that looses can become president if they have enough money behind them.

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