Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No nog

No nog! Been going to the stores for my yearly dose of nog but it's all out. Heard about how to make nog on the radio last week but with 80% of the chickens having salmonella I don't think raw eggs would be good to eat. It's funny about salmonella because my uncle had a chicken ranch back in   Michigan. He had 3.5 million birds when they found salmonella. The government at that time made him destroy all his birds and burn down his barns. Some time between the 60's and now some one changed the laws to help out the chicken ranchers and tell people to cook it better. "Don't worry just cook the piss out like kidneys" the government says.It's about production these days and how many birds or animals they can push through. To have good quality control people need to be able to inspectmeat products. If you just sampling and hoping that the samples are all the same like building a machine sure you can use standard deviation formula. When random sample by an independent group test then and finds out that 80% of the birds have some sort of infection that could kill you or at least make you violently sick something's really wrong. You can't trust beef either. Ground beef is the worst but now it's radiated by gamma rays. Bananas come radiated by these same gamma rays and have a shelf life of a couple days unlike the bananas I got from friends in the sixties where a large stalk would last for a few weeks. Even my friends from Southern California that grew bananas in their back yard the bananas they tasted totally different because they were tree ripened and not picked green.
They stopped using DDT here in the states but third world countries that still use it and we import their foods. We know that DDT causes breast cancer along with other problems in humans and wild life. It's the bottom line that corporations are thinking of and not people’s health.Bush just signed a new bill to let chemical producer pump out fur time more pollution while restricting the information about what they are pumpingout. Shows me that this president doesn't care about people. He started a war that he can't finish. He has no plan for the future but how much money his friends can make before the hammer comes down. It's good to know that Bush will go down in history and the lousiest president ever.

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