Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Been a while since I

Been a while since I wrote anything. Been rather depressed with the loss of my big friend Buddy. Never thought I’d feel so sad to see a deer pass on. He’s has been such a good friend over the years. I own my life to Buddy for getting me outside and moving when I was on treatment for a life threatening illness. When Buddy didn’t see me outside he would come on the porch and look in the front door window. I’ll miss going foraging and playing with him.

I believe that people call animals stupid because the animals might take a none violent approach to life. My turkey friends are pacifist like the deer. The skunks might fight between groups but nothing is a fight to the death.

I had a couple possums come by last night along with my skunks. There was a stray kitty that came up on the porch that lives in the park. He grabbed a small piece of chicken. For the most part they can support themselves but on cold foul weather days like it has been they turn to me for help. Since they are fellow mammals I feel it’s my duty to help all mammals. The only difference between them and me is 2% of DNA. They are 98% the same as me so it make them like the Native Americans my brothers and sisters.

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