Friday, December 29, 2006

Its been a sunny clear day

It’s been a sunny clear day, cool or even cold out but not that bad for being winter in the mountains. I’ve been watching little birds all day. Saw a Robin this morning along with two Flickers, which are birds that seem to be very allusive. The Scrub Jay’s and Steller’s Jay’s have been coming in waves. Seems the Steller’s jay and the Scrub jay like to fight or play not sure what it is. At times they look like enemies then they will be eating right next to each other I’ve seen a Titmouse and Sparrows this morning along with a few Nuthatch’s. Two other birds are the Rufous-sided Towhee and Dark-eyed “Oregon” Junco. The Junco is here for the winter while the Towhee is here all year round. It amazes me how brightly colored they are but blend into the background. I’m still getting used to the Audubon’s field book in how they measure a bird or how to find them in the book. I swear some of the pictures are the same bird with different names and the birds I’m looking for aren’t there. My turkeys are the only ones that sit still long enough to get good pictures of them.

Momma deer and her two little ones were here earlier. The babies were born on July 3rd and are as tall as the picnic table now.  It still amazes me that they understand a smile. I’m rather good friends with them but mom is still protective.

I got a good picture of an owl the other night but can’t figure out what kind it is. My bird book doesn’t have the best pictures. With all the cameras out there seems like a birder would be taking better pictures in natural posses.

Rats, going to have to run to the store for cat food for the skunks. Today’s Friday and skiers are going to Tahoe for the weekend so traffic is terrible. My back is killing me from being upright for to long today. I made one run into town this morning to get some blood tests done. Nice to see that the nurses still have my picture up on the walls. I’m going to have to bring in a bunch of pictures for Christmas presents. For now I think I’m going to lay on the heating pad and see if I can reduce the pain. Things are really getting painful to a point were you just hate every second. The pain pill don’t give you much relief either. I’m scheduled for a cortisone shot next month. I hope that helps a little, anything is better then being able to only stand for maybe two hours a day.

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