Friday, December 15, 2006

ATT and is an evil

ATT and is an evil company that sends you spyware to track your every move. As Mel Brooks said in one of his movies, “It’s nice to be the king.” Well in ATT case, “it’s nice to be a monopoly.” Hopefully the FCC with stop ATT from becoming even larger then they are now. Without competition the bill keeps going up just like what they are saying about other mergers. People have been paying to get high-speed fiber optics put in for over a decade and never put it in. Now they are saying it’s going to talk too much. They are afraid of VoIP because they won’t be able to charge people for long distance calls. They want to control the Internet and charge people for every bit they send. The United States has fallen behind the rest of the world as far as communications. You can go to some remote section of China and have high-speed Internet but not even have electricity. In Japan you can connect to the Internet at firewire speeds. Even commercial plans here in the U.S. can’t do that. Our military uses the Internet to communicate but it’s a third rate system because we are become a third rate country do to greed.

Inflation only helps the rich while keeping the poor, poor. It’s the story of the human race to oppress the masses so a few can live this better then life. Rich people have this need for power like an insanity. Think they call that one or two of those deadly sins.

It would be nice to see people that worked for the betterment of mankind and not the betterment of one or two greedy people.

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