Thursday, September 14, 2006

Frisk has a big brown nose

Frisk has a big brown nose from Bush’s butt cheeks. It’s so funny watching the republicans supporting ideas they don’t believe in and turn to name calling when they can’t support these ideas. It’s always the same, simple catch phases to attack democrates. They have to bring up 9/11 every time they can’t answer any question. If you bring up increasing minimum wages they will say were giving into the terrorist. When will people start seeing that republicans mainly the Bush buddies are for big business and don’t care about the health and welfare of the people that work here in the U.S.  If anything the republicans want to take work place ethics back to the 18th century. They want and have destroyed the unions over years, which made this country great. When it comes to doing something right for the country they have a, “can’t do” attitude. Always saying it’s going to cost too much and send jobs over seas scaring people into keeping things the same. Since 9/11 there hasn’t been any improvement to chemical plants, ports or railroads. They seem to want to get rid of all social program and turning over to evangelical churches and getting rid of the separation of church and state. Iraq wants a religious based government but the U.S says no to that but doesn’t see a religious based country here at home. When it comes to chemical plants using safer chemicals they keep saying it would cost too much but some chemical plants that have changed to safer chemicals are doing just fine and haven’t gone out of business. It just a disregard for the people is an accident happens always arguing the bottom line. Now Bush want to torture terrorist sighting we do not torture people just question them aggressively. The only people that are profiting since Bush came to office are the energy companies and manufactures of war products. I really believe that this war was made to drive the price of oil higher by making the Middle East unstable. Inflation, prices at the pump and your electricity bill all have gone up while the worth of the dollar has gone down. How can anyone say the republicans are doing a good job is beyond me.

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