Sunday, September 03, 2006

Life imitating art

Life imitating art. I’m an old Monty Python fan and listening to Bush’s speeches this last week reminds me of the infamous parrot sketch. Where Eric Idle is the shop keeper and John Cleese is the customer bringing back his dead parrot. Eric insists that the parrot is only sleeping. John points out that the parrot’s feet have been tacked to the perch so it wouldn’t fall off. Finally John takes the bird out of the cage and bangs it on the counter. Bush in the same way has been pushing the war saying things are great, nothing to worry about, stay the course. Stay the course as the rowboat goes over the waterfall.

Rumsfeld is comparing terrorist and the war in Iraq to fighting Nazi’s in World War II. Only problem with that scenario, it only took five year to defeat the Germans.

To me it seems if your going to fight a war you would put all efforts into fighting the war and not sub it out to private company friends where you stand to make a lot of money having it last longer where equipment is constantly being replaced.

I don’t know if this is there strategy, letting the country go into civil war and the country destroys itself where you pick up the pieces down the road after many of the people in Iraq have killed each other.  

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