Sunday, August 06, 2006

A quiet Sunday evening

A quiet Sunday evening. The temperature is dropping to a comfortable level. Two young squirrels are eating sunflower seeds. A hen comes back to have a snack before turning in for the night. Con and Momma Deer and her two kids walk up. Soon one of the twins strolls in. They found the new alfalfa bale, candy for the deer. I almost got a few good pictures but the camera batteries failed. I knew this was coming a bought a pack of batteries yesterday. That’s when I found I had four batteries in the ridge. Well, the mouse is going to need batteries soon; I’ve been getting the battery low message. Those cheap alkaline batteries do the trick for a few days to get by but not for anything longer then a few weeks. If I could have took the shot it was one of the babies giving an older deer licks on the nose. I stepped back into the house to rapidly change the batteries but the deer ran off rather fast. One of the twins is back that means Con and Friend aren’t to far behind. Simpson’s are on, it’s a repeat but so what, nothing else on but fake reality shows. Might as well stick with an old standard.

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