Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good old war

Good old war. We have been fighting the wimpy wars lately with settlements and agreements, terms and conditions. What ever happened to the wars where you got to kill every body? Remember the Semite’s, well they put up a fight and lost and are no more. The days you could cut their heads off and stick them on poles. The days you cold have your females cut off the genitals of the apposing army are good. We have turned out to a bunch of wimp warriors. All the good warriors live in jails, just a part of social evolution. Move them out and bring in the schemers.

Isn’t that how it works, use other peoples money and use other people to get what we call rich. Then when you think about the rich are only selling paper telling you it’s worth a lot. Nothing to back up the paper like metals or products they just tell you this is worth it. Isn’t that the ultimate? Since Bush was appointed to office, the dollar has been constantly dropping in value. It’s not at half but around 3/5 of what it once was worth in the year 2000. Well, that’ll keep those poor people in line.

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