Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bush reselling the war again

Bush reselling the war, “Everything’s great.” “If we leave Baghdad now, there will be fighting in Our Streets,” Bush said. Don’t you love the lies? This is what he said about weapons of mass destruction, “We were going to find them every where over there” Bush and Chaney said before the war. Although I’ve seen some shady advertising there are laws against making false claims, we need that in politics also. The idea that you can come up with any kind of lie you want and sell it to the public, is just wrong. Every time a politician makes a false claim they need to be sued, fined and jailed. The tricks that Karl Rover has done to this country with out any type of guilt make me think Karl is criminally insane. Anyone that would put money and profit in higher regard then human life has to be mentally ill.

Republicans are trying to fight the green house gas cap here in California saying it’s going to cost jobs and cost the state billions. This is the same thing they said about raising the minimum wage, that all the jobs would move out of the states. It’s funny how the first thing a republican sees is the bottom line and not the health of the people of the state of California. As it is, 20% of the light which is destine to hit the surface of the earth doesn’t make it because of the amount of particulate in the air. For a state that makes a large portion of its income with farming this is a serious problem if you can’t grow plants.

There’s one thing you can count on by republican, anything they are saying while campaigning is a lie. They are only concerned about their wealth and not the good of the country unless it helps their wealth.

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