Thursday, September 27, 2012

McAfee call center suck

Had to ask a question from the people that made my antivirus program. When I downloaded the update software it told me to download for the update. It asked me for a key number the one on the back of the CD. I didn't get a CD because it came on the computer. Talking to McAfee, the first person who hung up on me. Don't believe them when they ask you for your telephone number in case they get disconnected. Don't believe them because they don't have a way of calling out, they are in India. I'm asking about a serial number that the software that was downloaded by the software I have installed ask me to put in. But I don't have a CD to get the number. The purchase order doesn't have any number like that. Don't like the idea of having to have an interpreter for a product made in California. Going to the help page it shows you how to do different things like if you have the software. Be nice if what they wanted me to do was there. No talking to people in India on the phone about software when you can't understand them.

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