Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tiny birds take a rest in the heat of the day.

 After working on the sprinkler timer I triggered it to run. Stepping outside I could hear the one line working. Soon there was a bush of tiny birds splashing in the water. They have to be some sort of finch but I maybe wrong. They look only a little bigger then a humming bird. There dozens of birds here and since they were so small they didn't take up much space.  After playing in the sprinkler the birds go up a few inches above the ground and group together.
 The tiny little birds groom on the tiny branch before taking flight. The little birds picked at their wings and rubbed their beaks on the branch. I think the birds saw me watching them but could see I wasn't a treat to them and continued to play in the water. I'll have to see if they show up tomorrow. I've seen other birds playing in the sprinklers before.
Flying off. The little bird takes flight beating it's little wings briskly.

I've looked the birds up in my bird manual but I think the name and pictures are wrong. They are saying that the one bird that looks like this but the size is wrong. The full length can't be more the 3 1/2 inches total. The book has them as 6 to 8 inches long and that's too big. If it was in centimeters then it would be right but it's in inches. They really like the small jet of water spraying out. It's not a very big jet because of the setup I have to spray the roots. I'll have to find a better perch tomorrow. That is if they return. I remember in past years I'd notice a flock of small birds going from tree to tree about 3PM to  4PM every day. Could have been later you just get caught up in work and time flies.

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