Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What a butthead

Someone is thinking with shit for brains. Misspoke my ass your radical republican thinking is wrong. You a bigot and that's all that to it. There is no misspoke, you mis-think. No one wants anyone with views like this in the senate. If this is your limited knowledge of how a body works then it proves that the religious idiots are taking sex education out of the class room because it sure isn't being taught at home with a mind like yours. With a limited mind like yours how can you be making laws that deal with real science. That's why republicans are saying global warming and taking about the science because they believe in religious myths and not science. Toad Akin's is over. Go home because no one wants you. Oh I mis-typed a word, that's a mistake what you said was your oppressive radical right republican mantra. You want to go back to the 17 century and take the woman vote away. Republicans can only win an election by cheating and disenfranchising people.

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