Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"You didn't build it."

You didn't build it has been tossed around out of context by the republicans. What the president was talking about was the roads and bridges. The government built those things not private business but you know republicans they need to lie and cheat to win. I just heard the senator from Wyoming say that he could give everyone a Blue Cross card and save money on medicaid. So why doesn't he do that. Talk is cheap and republican talking fast not letting anyone in is their style. So big lie about saying that You didn't build it wasn't anything to do about business it was about government projects something too big for any business to handle.

If republicans want less regulations why don't they start with the bedroom which they want to regulate. People are already forgetting what happened at Wall Street with lax regulations. It's good that republicans base are stupid people that can't remember last week forget several years ago. People forget what Bush did already. Talk about some one spending and putting it on the credit card. Two wars one because of the oil for his buddies. Regan went crazy with spending but then he was crazy. Bush forgot the people at home while making billions for Halliburton and several other war profiteers.

Why do they want a permanent under class of people because a mother has to give birth to a child she can't afford. You don't hear the republicans talking about helping these mothers. They want an assault on planned parenthood. Why do republicans want this poor class of people because they become the foot solders. They don't want people to get ahead. All the best schools are in the areas of the rich people. The poor areas get the hand me down schools. Now it's a push to make money from school by privatizing them. It's not going to make the schools any better just that now the public school are a cash cow for Wall Street. If they follow the Texas model of teaching then kids won't be learning any real history. The kids won't have to learn anything because no ones going to ba watching as they siphon off billions.

It's funny that republicans say they have a plan but never tell anyone what it is. They have said they are going to make the rich richer by cutting their taxes. They say that taxes keep rich people from creating jobs. Under Clinton they raised taxes and growth happened. Republicans talk about Regan cutting taxes but he also raised taxes twice the two highest tax hikes in the history of the country but the republican have selective amnesia.

Republican work the wedge issue and say they are going to fix things but end up spending out of control and leaving the bill for the next president to fix. It's those bumper sticker republicans that get republicans elected. They see one issue and that's it. They don't see the big picture of suppressing voters. they want to repeal woman's right to vote. They want women pregnant pumping out babies for the military because that's the only jobs they can find. Now that the wars left us with damaged solders they are cutting off the support something they played on for the warrior going to war. It's amazing what the dream act says, you can become a citizen if you go into the military or go to school. You won't make it too far going to school without money. They want a permanent state of war for the war profiteers.

It's amazing how the republicans say they want to take back the country well it never went anywhere. The republicans just stopped working is all. It makes a nice slogan though. They are depending on it to impress you because their plan is to take ever last penny you have and give it to the rich.

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