Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kicking back out at Bob's

 What's cuter then a baby raccoon? Two baby raccoons. My little friends come up to the porch without mom because they all trust me. Was going through old picture and found a picture of the baby mother when she was a tiny baby. It's a full circle of life.
 You have to wonder what they are thinking as they look at me. This family feels very comfortable being close to me taking pictures. Sure they can fight and they are good fighters but I treat them with kindness and they see that.
 The kids up the walnut tree. Puppy girl came around and they slowly climbed up the tree to be safe. There was another family of raccoons here the mother with her five babies. I don't know what scares them. I see moving fast does make them cringe. They move slow and steady walk with mom. They jump on each other to play. It's cute to see them trot or skip as the playfully run along.
 Is that a cute baby face with it's rounded head. It's still growing. It will grow about four times this size to moms size. The kitties like to come up to the babies and rub against them and purring.  
 It's funny how you can see the subtle differences in them, Even their color are slightly different. They have unique personalities also. Some are shy while some are bolder.
 Some like to be in the center of thing and try to be  in as much contact with the rest of the family.
Safe in the tree but can't wait to come down with all her friends. I've heard that their hands are a hundred times more sensitive then ours. Their claws are above part of there fingers. It's like our fingers except they have nails that are round and pointed. It's like they can handle things just with their fingers but when climbing they curl their fingers to make the claws point towards the tree. I've noticed they have rather big hands and feet. the body weight is somewhat distributed like ares it. They will stand on their back feet with the body balanced over them. It would be like you bend over and use you hands to handle things. You back legs are centered under your body. Theirs are the same and they balance the same. I keep showing them my hands to see if they understand we both have five digits.They just don't have a thumb. I've been noticing a lot of little holes around the area. They dig a hole and let the moisture in the soil pool in the holes so they can get a drink. They are lucky in that I keep the place watered which helps the out. Mom is teaching the babies all these trick of how to be a raccoon. I've seen one raccoon trying to spin the outdoor faucet handle to turn on the water. I've noticed that before. I'd get up in the morning and the water would be running just a little. I was watching their little arms moving under that large coat of skin and hair. Their arms look so much like outs. I'm sure if you check the DNA you'd find out that they are closer to us like primates are close to us.

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