Sunday, October 28, 2012

One sunny day

 Momma Kittie on the fence enjoying the sunny day. The ropes on the cedar fence is just for looks. It's all screwed and wired together. The rope is to give it a more rustic look. It's not even rope but part of a old carpet I found here when I moved in. I was looking through my pictures and finding such good one that I over looked. For every picture here, there are hundreds in storage.
 Where's the worm? Robin hunting for worms. They are so interesting to watch catch worms and take it back to the nest. I've found one robins nest last year and was amazed at the construction. The inside was lined with mud and smoothed out perfectly.
Got cha! Robin makes a catch. They will collect a bunch of worms before they head back to the nest to feed the babies. They are sure a very unique looking and acting bird.

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