Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little buddies

 Kitties on the play house. It's a jungle gym for the kitties. The kitties like climbing around the pallets.I cut one pallet in half and made it with hinges so I could open it up and clean it out. Then put carpet in and on top. It's good for rain and is water resistant. It's amazing all the things it turns out the kitties like to play with. The raccoons like playing with different toys which I find amazing. They like getting into everything.

Little baby wandering calmly with it's tail down. Easy to make friends with the little ones, much easier then the kitties.

I always find pictures I like when I go through them. At the time I took these I was interested in one photo and disregarded the rest. Going back through them I'll find some really nice photos. Well. it's going to rain soon so I better run to the store for trash bags and food. Tried getting one of the kitties inside but didn't want to come past the door. I tried carrying a cat inside but it wouldn't have anything to do with that.

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