Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't throw stones in a glass house

"Mitch Ramney" doesn't like it when he's slandered but he sure throws a lot of crap. His whole campaign is nothing but what Obama did or didn't do.I just have one thing to say, the man's got no lips and beady eyes just like a criminal. 

Have pity on me, I'm a douche bag and a big government mooch.
(no lip, criminally insane)

You can buy everything and I will too.
(you can never trust a person that can't tie a full Windsor)
I have an elevator to park my cars. My wife, she's got a couple cads. What will I do as president, make you pay higher prices for health care. Cut taxes for the job creators. I'll pay for it with revenue enhancements on the middle class, working class and poor.

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