Wednesday, October 17, 2007

2.3% cost of living increase, boy that was real white of you

It just amazes me every time congress or the senate votes themselves a raise. Meanwhile working people don't have that luxury. Maybe we need to take our elected officials raises to a vote and not leave it to them. They gave people a 2.3% cost of live for social security which works out to about $24 dollars. Maybe congress and the senate should only get the same amount of a raise based on what social security gets. So if they get $24 dollars a month raise congress and senate get the same money too, not a percentage but $24 dollars. No more of this 30 or 40 or 50 thousand dollar raises. They are all rich to begin with and could live just fine without working. Then again they didn't get rich by giving there money away. Rich people tend to be rather cheap and only think of themselves. Look at Bush vetoing the S-CHIP program saying it's going to cost too much but his war for oil for his friends he will spend you money like crazy. Now there is a bunch of investigations ongoing about kick backs on food and supplies for the troops and the cost of the war. Chaney still getting kick backs fro Halibuton. They even moved out of the country so it would be harder to audit them. When it comes to companies dealing with countries put on the no trade list Haliburton will be there. They have never left Iran of Lybia. As they say crime pays and it pays rather well. Bush's legacy will be the president that ran the country into the ground while enriching his friends. I can't wait for the next landslide election in 2008. That when there won't be the obstructionist left in office supporting Bush and that's when some real investigations can happen. The scary thing I see that can happen it the republicans pay someone to attack the country to get reelected. You don't think they would do that just look at what they have done so far.

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