Saturday, October 27, 2007

CO2, we'll, take care of that tomorrow when things are better

It's interesting how governments are putting off cutting down on CO2 and making such small strides to cut CO2. Things like cutting 20 or 30% but 2020 sure it's good but we know that the worlds condition is direr right now. I see this slow action as like the people on Easter Island cutting down the last trees to put up ideals. Whether it was to appease the gods or to catch the eye of a passing ship. We are in the same predicament today. We need acting today. The worlds atmosphere is messed up right now. Cutting the CO2 in the future isn't going to help the worlds existence. When you talk about billions of people being displaced so you can keep your life style right now doesn't make much sense. This is going to be a mass extinction of the earth and nothing short of that. So your kids have to swelter but you grandkids bake in an oven, how does that make sense to put things off and only reduce CO2 a little bit. This is something your going to see in your life time. It's not going to be a story passed down from generation to generation. Your not going to be able to say this is how it was but more we used to be able to breath. We used to have plants here and new the danger but ignored it and put it off to tomorrow to fix things, waiting and hoping for technology.

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