Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bombs away Bush. Chaney told me to...

We the people? Well is it really? From wire taps to hiring solders of fortune to fight our battles so we don't get blamed. Protecting the Constitution, well are you really or just making a few bucks for your friends at the expense of the American people.

Bush administration levels more sanctions against Iran. Does that me Chaney's Halliburton will finally have to leave Iran or are they going to continue to say they are a international company and stay in Iran. They still haven't left Iran since the first sanctions started under Carter.

Then again that might cause Chaney's kickbacks to be cut and he wouldn't want that.

There should be a law that if you can't say, "Nuclear" you can't use it. After all these years of being criticized about his pronunciation of the word Bush still hasn't gone to a speech therapist to learn how to say the word.

Is the "New World Order" going to be a world run by corporations?

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