Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gangs all here

Been out with my deer friends. They have been lounging around since the bears left. The mother deers look a bit lighter and I believe they had their babies. There's one that still looks pregnant. Saw Momma Girl's ears perk up and she dashed across the creek to the other side where I think her babies are hiding. Pretty Girl did the same thing the other day. She went down to a spot on the creek and came back up to the house area. Most of the creek grass was cut down. They all have areas they like to lay down in the tall grass. Some like under a tree. They all like eating the low hanging branches of the apple trees. Can't wait to see the little babies. They are really fun to watch. See how happy they are always smiling. They like running around here and the mothers will lounge around watching them.

Saw a couple baby skunks following mom around. I could smell the babies after spaying it's a unique skunk smell like Vitamin B with a little over tone of skunk. Have to work with them so they won't be afraid of me.

The kittens are a lot of fun to watch playing with each other. Momma Kitty still hisses at me. I'm not sure if it's because she's wide or wants me to keep back from the babies.

I was cropping a photo of the kitties when my 13 month old HP computer melted down. What a scam HP has. You pay for a whole computer if you get the extended warranty. Cost $99 dollars for them to tell me it was broken. I knew that, that's why I called tech support. They could tell me anything except give us money and we will tell you that you have a broken computer and it's going to cost you $327 in advanced to fix it. So that's over $425 to get the computer repaired and only a 3 month warranty after that. A new mother board cost $120. If they replace my hard drive because the mother board to the drive to do strange things I'll loose my data. Even sending the computer in and not replacing the drive they can't say the data would be there because they just clone a drive. They only know one way of doing things and it's not customer friendly. Now I'm stuck with a 20 pound door stop. It's funny that HP would send me an update 30 days after my warranty ran out and my machine craps out. It said in the log it fixed my BIOS. It had a lot of other things it said it done too to the registry.

HP makes good science equipment but not computers. Everything is made by someone else. I'm sure HP doesn't even assemble the computers. I read several forums where people are looking for mother boards because there's burned up. It's real funny it's the same model of mother board that craps out too. I didn't see that it was different models just this one a PEGATRON M2N78-LA made by ASUS.

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