Monday, June 13, 2011

HP Computers, they never loose

After my long talk with HP service Techs, the guys in India with a flip book to try to figure out what's going on with the computer. I've come to the realization They only know what's on the cards they are reading and no more. They don't understand computers and it only cost me $99 dollars for the phone call to tell me I have defective parts at no fault of my own. For another $327 dollars they will fix the computer but no guarantee on saving anything on the hard drive, just that I will get a computer back in a somewhat new state like when I first opened it up. That means I'll have to reload all my software digging through hundreds of disks to do that. The software I bought online will be gone along with my music, lectures, All my data on earthquakes over the past year. All my photos all 15,000 pictures. My videos I transferred from tape to the hard drive. I'll have to be downloading software not to mention two days of Windows 7 updates. What gets me is the prices they are charging. I could get the same mother board from the manufactures for $100 dollars. I could get a 3TB drive for the price they want for a 1TB drive, same manufactures. What gets me if their warranty notice. They told me my warranty will be running out soon, since I was busy at the time I pressed remind me. The Tech said it ran out 40 days ago and just for phone support to find out that I'm going to have to send it in because they can't find a card to fix the problem because they aren't real computer tech but phone guys and it's going to cost me another $327 but he said you get the one year of phone service you just paid for. They don't pro rate that for the time they have the computer in the shop. They only give you a 3 month warranty on the new parts not like the 1 year when you bought the computer. I believe I got the late notice about extending my warranty because they would have to replace any parts and make a $99 dollar fee which most people never use unless you get a defective computer. I've never had a computer fail like this but then I bought good mother boards where the IWill Manufacture give you a life time warranty on it's products no questions asked.

So, HP makes disposable computers because it's cheaper to buy a new one then having it repaired. They say they have warranty but that's as good as the paper it's written on. Every with that you still have to pay. Everything they will do you have to pay.

I used to work on PH test equipment and that was built good but there computers are all parts from other people. I'm sure they don't even assemble them and they sub out the repairs too. I heard that some transport companies now have a corning in the warehouse where they fix computers. They don't really fix them because they don't have that bright of people there it's people that keep replacing parts until it works.

So you might loose all your data on the hard drive because they replaced the hard drive when the only thing that might be wrong is a bad cable and they might find that out last after replacing everything in the computer first.

I taped the phone call and plan to edit it down because it's 90 minutes before I ran out of tape. The phone call was over 2 1/2 hours. You will be surprised at what they say and how much they put you on hold. That a part that I found amazing being on hold they talk about all the things that went wrong with my computer after it did an HP update and there software did some fixes. And yes those service cost you more money but by the time you pay for your computer twice you will at least maybe get a computer that works.

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