Monday, June 27, 2011

Bockmann, another idiot tea bagger, hoser

Guys vote for her thinking they are getting into her pants. Just another big mouth. Just because you want to slash and burn the country for fun and profit count me out.

Used to be republicans were somewhat normal people but now they want to impress each other by how radical they are. The tea baggers are even more radical then Bush and he was out of the park. Why any person that's in the working class would vote republican, they need their heads examined because they are just shooting themselves in the foot. The antisocial republicans are just that and it's the mentally kind. They are defending corporations not having to pay tax and want to make up the difference by placing the burden on the working class. They want to and are dismantling social programs because a democrat came up with it. They are doing everything that Hoover did leading up to the great depression again and want to take it further. They won't bring back Glass Stegal Act which the republicans pushed and are still pushing for deregulation. Look at the disheveled Greenspan who said that deregulation doesn't work the market can't be trusted to police itself. Yet the republicans weakened the Dodd/Franks Bill giving investment banks free ride again. Stock markets can sell you crap and get away with it again because the republicans depend on insider trading. Republicans don't want people to have health care and want people to go bankrupt. Law makers have it easy and the best health care money can buy. Well they are the best money can buy too, but you get what you pay for. Republicans are what's wrong with this country and doing everything they can for power including breaking the country for fun and profit.

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