Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunny Boy

One of the twins, my Sunny Boys. Born last year around July 4th to Pretty Girl. They have been great to watch grow up over the last year. There's a baby girl that loves to run with the boys. One day she was so disappointed when she came here and the boys went here. She cried out for the boys over and over looking everywhere in the yard for them. The mothers are good at letting the kids play while they rest in the shade. One day there was seven babies running as hard as they can around the valley. Seeing the smiles on all the babies was a wonderful sight. Baby deer are so full of life. So happy at everything they see.  I'll find them looking up at the hummingbirds watching them fly to the feeder. Seeing the babies jump in the air and kick just to test their legs. The Sunny Boys always run ahead of mom getting here first every day. I don't know who is happier to see who when they get here.

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