Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Amazing Nose

The porch light came on and this is what I got to see. A big nose wandering around sniffing things. I was at my desk on the computer and grabbed my camera when I saw the nose at the window looking in at me. I’m always amazed at the wildlife here. There’s always something new to see. Have to wonder what’s going on in that big head when it looked into my eyes as I was looking into it’s brown eyes.

This is the first time the bears have been around more then just a sighting. There’s a baby Boo-Boo bear which I thing is one of these guys baby. So there must be a den where they live. I don’t know if they are always on the move or not.

When the bears were here last night the owls were real vocal. when the bears came through in the day time the birds seem to go silent. The small bear, Boo-Boo looks cute sitting on the picnic table and looks real small but is rather large and will grow even large. I’ve noticed that long lived animals stay with mom for a while where they learn how to be themselves. They have to learn what to eat and where to look for it.  I feel sorry for them in that their lands are being taken over. I saw a story on the news where a woman couldn’t understand why a mother bear and it’s two babies walked through their back yard in the house they just built near Tahoe. She was so confused that a bear could even think about walking in her yard after moving from the city to the forest. She couldn’t figure out they built a house in the bears backyard. 

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