Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr. Tommy T. Big Bird


What a good looking bird looks like. Smart friendly big bird comes right up to me. You don’t see birds like this on your dinner table those birds are really messed up. Those farmed birds don’t have a normal set of feathers. They grow them so fast they never learn anything like wild birds. That’s a male three years of training to become a big bird. They are very long lived birds too. The males put on parades to impress the girls. It’s like the king and his court marching in front of the girls. I was amazed at seeing them form up like that. Unlike the farmed birds these birds do fly. One year there was six baby birds that mom raised up. The next year they were on their own and stuck together. When I saw them charge a bear to chase it off I was really amazed. All six flapping their wing running after the bear. The bear was going to climb a tree but didn’t have time and ran off. I’ve heard people say they are stupid birds and will drown if left in the rain but that’s not true. They know enough to get out of the rain and under the trees and bushes. They are a passive bird and I think people see that as a weakness. I was painting some board and kneeling down. The turkeys came up behind me and watched me painting until I stood up. I really find them an interesting bird.

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