Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Got Spine… Bolts?


front view side view 2

Front View                                                        Side View

A normal curve something I’ve been missing for over 20 years. Doctor said the spines bolted together and isn’t going no where. That’s good to know and makes it hard to get socks on. Some other things too but I’ve learned to get around the hang-ups so far. When the shell comes off I’m hoping that I’ll be able to extend better right now it’s getting in the way. Found out that everything’s made of titanium which is real good if I need to hop into a MRI machine again. At first I thought it was stainless steel which has iron in it with nickel. Good to know it’s titanium. Very interesting metal, ridged and strong, wears well.

Real amazed at the speed of my recovery. It’s not even painful to my back right now unlike my first two back surgeries 20 plus years ago. That recovery seemed like it went on forever.

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