Thursday, April 07, 2011

Burned out on Internet Explorer

I’m so tired of reloading and reloading the same page and hope that it loads in internet explorer. Used to never have that problem and work like everyone else’s browser. In fact other browser you might question but no more. What gets me is the broken page symbol in the address bar and when you hold the mouse over it it says that it’s an older web page and most likely not going to work right. Well isn’t that special that Internet Explorer isn’t backwards compatible. Why would anyone not make a program that wasn’t backwards compatible? It’s nice to have the new stuff from web 2.0 instruction set but why throw out what worked on a simple page that just might have a couple pictures and a little text.

Don’t have any problems with other browsers all of them I have installed that is so I can check web pages that I design and make sure they work in all browsers. Not sure what Microsoft is planning to do with there Internet Explorer program, are they only going to work with all the new Microsoft products and nothing else? Sure the new programming features are nice

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