Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bush Appointments dropping like...

Has anyone noticed that everyone the Bush appoints to a job they leave with their tail between their legs. Next will be Alberto. It's amazes me what a stain in the shorts the Bush people have been. Even party members don't want to be affiliated with Bush. With Blair leaving in the U.K. seems he doesn't have any friends left. Did he ever have any friends or was he just tolerated. Carter gave him the what for over the weekend stirring up the hornets on both side of the Atlantic.

I listened to a lecture last night on the radio. Seems that the Neo-Cons plan was to invade Iraq and Chaney's Energy policy was to flood the market with cheap Iraqi oil drive the price down making OPEC seem meaningless. That was Chaney's secret meetings with all those oil companies back in the first administration when everyone wondered what they were doing. They were planning a war way before 9/11 way before any terrorist problems. Makes you wonder if or who paid them to carry out the attacks of 9/11.

After all, Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and now the defunked Wolfowitz all were pushing for a private military to carry out secret things that couldn't be tied to the United States.

So many people warned Bush and this administration that something was coming but were only fired for their input. I just hope all the secret laundry gets air making Bush look like a footnote in history and not the Grandiose Grand Pooba that George thinks he is. People should have locked him up when he said God was talking to him. That what you do with people like that. Put him in the patted room.

Well if all my plans would have worked out I'd be a millionaire too but plans don't always work out life happens.

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