Saturday, May 26, 2007

A wonderful end to a day

After a fun day of pulling weeds I took a shower and got dinner started. The oven was hot so bake a cake, why not. Yummy chocolate fudge cake. That will sit well with the pound of cherry's I ate today. With the kitchen door open I could see a heard of baby skunks walking on the road with mom. Had to run out and get a couple picture. Too cool little babies. Had a Laura Croft movie on, don't think I ever say this. Haven't been paying attention to it so being in the kitchen really doesn't matter. Well movies over food all done, time to kick back. I hear crunching on the porch; it's Ernie one of the raccoons. So I lay down in front of the door watching her. She didn't mind me watching, it was rather amazing like any other day. Bill Moyer's is on with a poet who I can't remember her name. They were reading poems from veterans mainly from the Vietnam War. Sort of nice listening to the poems, reflecting on what Memorial Day is about. I get to do a lot of reflecting out here every day, which I don't mind. I hear an owl hope the babies are back home. Don't know if they would bother with a little stinker. I hear the frogs in the forest, the moon should be coming out soon. It was a half moon last night. Here come momma skunk and the kids. The raccoons scared them off all but one. I'll try to herd him over to mom who's down on the road now. The bugs are really out tonight. I started making grunting sounds like momma skunk and the baby ran right over to me. He start challenging me as soon as he figured out it wasn't momma, stomping his little feet and squeaking at me in a threatening tone. I tried it again but this time close to the steps and he ran over but I backed up. He recognized the steps and knew he wasn't far from home. He struggled down the steps and mom and the rest of the babies came running over get him. Every one seems to be happy running around mom, squeaking and such. Another day in paradise, time for another piece of fudge cake. Got milk!

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