Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Face

After photographing humans to capture emotions I have tried capturing the wildlife's expressions. At first I didn't know what I was looking at. Slowly it started coming to me. It wasn't so much just seeing it but feeling it. Now this is a Happy Face. I've seen this little bear scared at the sight of me and wanting to climb a tree for protection. Once it became a little used to me I could see the difference in his eye and face. The deer you can see smile or have a concern look to their face. Even the turkeys would express themselves. Older raccoons look the same almost as the young raccoons. There is a little rounded heads to the baby raccoons. They sure do look cute out exploring the world learning from mom. She's real protective of her babies and even growls at me if I get to close even though I've known her from a baby. Each animal has a way of expressing itself. For the most part I've found wildlife not to be too wild. Most people are frightened at the sight of anything they don't understand. I'm closer to the wildlife then my kittens. They run off at the sight of me even if I'm trying to help them. The kitfoxes are really something and come close to me. I thought it was a cat the first time I seen one but it was sitting down. When it stood up that long tail showed up. I've found that all the wildlife have a degree of smarts. I don't try to harm them and they see that. The deer I swear totally understand me and ever word I say. They even come to different names I've called them over the years. It's hard not excepting their friendship when it's offered no matter what they look like.

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