Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Puppy

 My friend the Kitfox walking up on the cedar fence
 Trying to take a flash picture in the dead of dark. Still you can see the color of the Kitfox.
 Kitfox and skunk wandering around. Everyone gets along here.
Running up close and sort of out of focus. My little friend is very hyper
I'm really amazed at the Kitfoxes because of how friendly they are. I can talk them over to a spot where I tossed a piece of cheese which they really like. This is the larger of the two Kitfoxes. They are very small creatures and the tail acts like a counter weight for balance. It's really got strong looking little legs. I'll walk on the porch and the puppy comes up on the walkway and sits down about 10 feet from me. The first time I seen a Kitfox here I thought it was one of the cats because it was sitting down. I called it over and motioned with my hand. It darted to the porch for some cat food. Being around dogs and wolves in the past I never seen anyone as smart as this little guy. It really is smart. 

The baby raccoon's and mothers are here. Have the cutest albino baby, it's the lightest one year and almost looks white in the tree. Pasta night out at Bob's. Everyone likes pasta and cat food. The little skunk with the hurt front paw is here. It's a real friendly skunk that follows me everywhere. It's got a star like marking on it's forehead. I just hate seeing it limping getting around but it seems to be doing much better. It's holding food in bother paws so I don't think it's broken. They tend to jump off things or fall off and not know how far it is down. I see the baby raccoon's don't know where to wash their hands or drink the milk left out for the kittens. What still amazes me is wildlife isn't as wild as you think it is. That you can make friends with them. The wildlife is easier to get close to then the kittens.

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