Saturday, November 01, 2014

Make it Easier to get Job, Mitch said.

How can you make it easier to get a job when your a senator or congressman? What does that even mean? They going to have the Easy Job Store? When it comes to road blocks gumming up the works Mitch McConnell does come to mind. He said he was going to oppose everything Obama would put out there, when Obama took office and he did. He also blocked everything that was sponsored by the democrats. Between Mitch and those Tea Baggers,they are like blind people in a mine field. Obama still hasn’t got many cabinet appointment yet because they have been blocked. Nothing like the government only being half there because of Mitch and his brainiac ideas. Now he says if the republican take control that he’s going to make the economy recover just like George W. Bush did for 8 years. How soon people forget the perils of George W. Bush and the weapons of mass destruction. “It’s only going to cost us $50 million dollars for the whole war in Iraq. Well that ended up costing some $4 trillion dollars and they still aren’t done. Then there’s those extreme right wing religious zealots who rather talk about abortion rather then what is needed for the country or how to make peace in the world. I know where the jobs are coming from, it’s the all volunteer military. Where do they get the people to volunteer? From states with poor young girls who couldn’t get an abortion so the kids when they reach 18 they go into the military because they can’t afford to go to college since college is only for the elite, rich, 1% people at the top. It’s amazing how the extreme right wing religious zealots can’t remember what happened yesterday and vote for the same thing that’s harmful for them again and again. If you tell them that the republican are going to bust the unions by taking away collective bargaining or pass a law called “Right To Work.” Then no one supports the union but gets all the benefits of the union but the union can’t bargain for higher wages. They are told some lie like they will be free to choose or be independent but without a functioning union. If you told them they are shooting themselves in the foot for the republican party they would go for it. Not only are you going to be paid less we are going to take away your health care so the CEO can have a raise. So there will be more money for the stockholder and you get less but for some reason that doesn’t sink in. They keep worrying about petty wedge issues that don’t mean anything but they have been presented the wedge issue where it causes fear and so they vote because of the fear and don’t look at what they are voting for. They vote a party and don’t bother to see what the party is really doing. Since they vote in people who were a witch for a  while in college and now are a extreme religious zealot but don’t know anything about the real world. The things that come out of her mouths and people don’t see how stupid they are but they vote for her because of her religious views. It’s clear there are many of these religious right zealots that don’t have a clue about science which deals in facts. They still say there’s a debate on climate change and global warming. You could tell them the sky is blue but if it’s a scientist saying that and not some sort of religious nut they will say your wrong, it’s not blue, there’s a debate over that.  It’s amazing how TV Ads just brain wash peoples minds but then they were close minded to start and as long is it’s one party they believe in because someone in the past told them to vote that way they will over and over. I talked to a few of those closed minded people over the years. I found that they will quote ads word for word and not know what it means or base anything on what people have done in the past. I’ve seen interviews of people on TV and it just amazes me that a woman would say I’m voting for that guy because of the way he looks. The guy could be an axe murderer and people will vote for him because of his looks. Then there is the person that says he’s going to cut the red tape to make business work better. That means they are going to get rid of laws such as environmental laws which keep people say and prevent things like chemical that cause cancer from you. The business would claim that it’s a nanny state costing us jobs and we don’t need that. People eat it up too. There are those AM radio talk show hosts that get paid for saying the things they say. It’s hard to believe that these same people would believe what they say since what they are saying is fiction. They say what they say to make people mad. Once you get these people with wrong information they repeat it to anyone who will listen. The best tea bagger quote I ever heard was an older man saying, “I want government out of my Medicare.” The guy didn’t know that Medicare was a government program, how stupid is that. There is a person running for congress who says i his ad that he going to keep our water from being stolen from the south. People believe that crap. He wants to put an end to the tunnels under the delta but he won’t vote for something like a cannel around the delta. He’s playing with this like it’s a game. Water will be going south for the farmers and for Los Angeles. Restoring the delta is a good project that needs to be done. Many of the levees are falling apart. Many levees were made over a hundred years ago and were made with junk. If a quake happened near them they would fall apart and flood the islands. They are growing food on these islands which are meters below the water line. The islands were at one time the same level and the levees were there to keep the ground dry to grow food. Sure it’s rich soil and grows food just fine but the cost in keeping the ground dry is ridiculous. The islands have been sinking since they were made and should be returned to the delta as wetlands. Growing anything out there on man made island that are sinking is just stupid. II just can’t believe what people think are pertinent and what stuff is irrelevant, they can’t tell the difference. If it’s cute and fuzzy then some people will think it’s important over having water for millions of people. What really is a waste of land is turning farmland into housing tracks so a few people can make money. People don’t care about climate change but are more worried about the car they are driving and if gas is cheap enough. The houses made today the big clones at high prices with little substance. Why people want something they can’t afford and a house too big to  take care of. They have rooms they never go in. So much dead space built into the house to impress but not to have any function. The country wants a better country and knows it needs to be fixed but no one wants to pay for it. Business has enough money to buy the political system so they don’t have to pay tax which the country desperately needs. The lower class people can’t afford lawyers to make tax shelters in a different country. It’s sad how corporations game the system then even stupider is the Citizens United case that the Supreme Court who said that corporations are people and money is speech. That was the worst thing the Supreme Court has ever done to the country. There will need to be a correction to this one day. What about that Sarah Pallin as a vice president. Was was McCain thinking. Why is it that the right always attacks the media except when they use it to spread lies. So Pallin peaks her head out of her hole ever once and a while just to open her mouth and make a fool of herself. And yes there were guys that would vote for her just on her looks. I’m thinking that’s how she got to where she is this way. Didn’t matter what was between her ears the guys were thinking what was between her legs.

Well, in closing the countries a mess and there’s one party that going to do what Bush did and we will have another mess when they get voted out of office. Hopefully they won’t start another war with a country that didn’t do anything except have oil. Speaking of Iran, did you hear the CIA gave Iran the plans to a nuclear bomb? They got a Russian scientist to give them the plans and he told them about how the plans were changed so it wouldn’t work and set you plans back a few years but since you know that then you could correct the defects and be ahead of the game. Wonder who’s idea that was to do that?

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